Drilling and Well Productivity Services

We provide the following Well Productivity and Intervention Services:

  • Slickline Services
  • E-line Services
  • Coiled Tubing.
  • Downhole Pressure and Temperature measurement.
  • Reservoir characteristics.
  • Well repair operations.
  • Hydraulic workover and new Technologies.

We can repair your existing Well problems without stopping production or damaging the reservoir while improving productivity the same time.
Well productivity is the solution for wells suffering from flow restriction, sand production, Mechanical faults or missed hydrocarbon payzone

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Stackline Equipment

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Coiled Tubing Equipment

We offer the following Drilling, Logging and Completions services:

  • Drilling Rigs: Land, Swamp Rigs, Jack-up Rigs
  • MWD services: We position your wellbore accurately with our State-of-the-art real-time Downhole Measurements tools.
  • LWD systems: We offer superior formation evaluation data to maximize reservoir value while drilling.
  • Well Completions services: Upper and Lower Completions Services. Our reliable completion solutions allow you to create the ideal conduit from formation to surface, regardless of your well type or operating environment.

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