Drilling and Completion Services

We offer the following Drilling, Logging and Completion services:

Drilling Rigs: Land, Swamp Rigs, Jack-up Rigs.

MWD services: We posion your wellbore acurrately with our State-of-the-art real time Downhole Measurements tools.

LWD systems : We offer superior formaon evaluaon data to maximize reservoir value while drilling.

Well Compleons services: Upper and Lower Compleons Services. Our reliable compleon soluons allow you to create the ideal conduit from formaon to surface, regardless of your well type or operang environment.

Equipment Rentals

We offer supply and rental services of Compleons and Drilling tools equipment not limited to Washpipes, Pup Joints, Non Mag Stabilizers, String stabilizers, Hole Openers, Crossovers, Non Mag Drill collars, Heavy weight drill collars, Fishing tools